Victoria McLelland

Cotlew St. Osteopathy

A child centered family clinic.

Why Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a healthcare practice that is hands on. We use movement of the body focusing on joints, muscles, nerves, lymphatics and circulation to help improve the underlying function of the area. When mobility and function improve, quite often there is a reduction in inflammation and pain.

We can start to feel better. It’s a different way of addressing discomfort and pain without the use of drugs. Australian Osteopaths are university trained, government registered, allied health professionals.

Newborns, Infants
& Children

Newborns will generally suckle, yawn and cry in the first few days to help naturally push out any strains from…

Teens, Sports Injuries
& Concussion

Teenage bodies generally undergo periods of rapid growth and hormonal change. It is a time when scoliosis…

& Post Partum

A woman’s body is going to undergo the most extraordinary and possibly the largest transformation…