Lower Back Pain

Embracing the glow and soothing the curve; relieving lower back pain during pregnancy with Cotlew St. Osteopathy.

Pregnancy, with its promises of new beginnings and the anticipation of a new life, is a journey filled with both awe-inspiring moments and unique challenges.

For some expectant mothers this time is accompanied by lower back pain. Some mothers may seek reassurance and comfort during this formative period. At Cotlew St. Osteopathy we understand the unique dynamics of pregnancy and aim to guide expectant mothers towards physical well-being.

Non-specific lower back pain is a common occurrence in society. It is defined as tension, soreness and/or stiffness in the lower back region for which it is not possible to identify a specific cause of the pain. It commonly leads to loss of function and limitation of activities. Most pregnancy lower back pains fall into this category. Prevalence increases with the duration of the pregnancy and is at its highest point in the third trimester.

What may have caused my lower back pain?

There are a few factors which are thought to contribute to lower back pain during pregnancy. These include:

Postural changes: the body’s adjustment to the growing uterus alters the center of gravity, impacting the lower back.

Hormonal changes: increased hormone levels can contribute to joint laxity, affecting the stability of the lower back.

Muscular strain: the strain on supporting muscles and ligaments as the body accommodates the growing baby can lead to discomfort.

Of course, If you have had previous bouts of lower back pain and a history of trauma to the lower back, then pregnancy is a time which may test the integrity of these structures, sometimes flaring old injuries.

Osteopathic treatment for lower back pain

Osteopathic treatment has been shown to help reduce lower back pains in pregnant women and help them return to better function. During your consultation, a thorough assessment is performed to understand the musculoskeletal changes and imbalances contributing to the lower back pain in pregnancy. This assessment may include evaluating posture, joint mobility, and muscle tension. Osteopaths then employ hands on techniques adapted to pregnant women, to relieve this tension and optimise joint function of the spine, pelvis, and surrounding tissues. Sometimes exercises and ergonomic considerations are discussed as part of the treatment plan, as is optimising pelvic floor function, which can help to stabilise and provide comfort to the lower back region. Osteopathy when integrated into prenatal care, can contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many studies. The most comprehensive of these is a systematic review and meta-analysis. This paper highlighted, for non-specific lower back pain in pregnancy, low quality evidence suggested a significant difference in favour of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) for pain and functional status. It also showed moderate quality evidence suggesting a significant difference in favour of OMT for non-specific lower back pain and functional status of women post-partum up to 3 months.

Franke, H., Franke, JD. & Fryer, G. Osteopathic manipulative treatment for nonspecific low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Musculoskelet Disord 15, 286 (2014). https://doi.org/10.1186/1471-2474-15-286

Victoria at Cotlew St. Osteopathy initially asks for 3 treatments. Most women usually see a change after the first treatment, however if there is no improvement in 3, then a change to the treatment plan will occur or a referral for investigations or to another health care professional is considered. Chronic lower back pain or women with a history of pain prior to pregnancy, or traumatic onset pain, may require more treatments, and of course treatment outcomes are different for each person.

Yes, Osteopathy can help relieve pains that occur during pregnancy that are associated with all musculoskeletal issues. Some of the discomforts seen in clinic include hip pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, headaches and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic pain, and discomforts with fetal positioning.

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Cotlew St. Osteopathy is committed to enhancing the joy of pregnancy by addressing lower back pain with empathy and care.

Our personalised approach ensures that every mother to be can embrace the glow of pregnancy with ease.

Experience a pregnancy journey with comfort. Book your consultation with Victoria at Cotlew St. Osteopathy today and discover relief of your lower back pain during this special time.