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Cotlew St. Osteopathy

Dr. Victoria McLelland

Victoria has been in practice on the Gold Coast for 17 years and is setting up Cotlew St. Osteopathy as a child centred family clinic.

She has treated thousands of children and their families in a clinical setting from as early as one day old, through to toddlers, adolescents and pregnant women. Victoria regularly maintains a working knowledge of developmental milestones, age specific health checks and attends seminars on the latest research.

She has a range of techniques from direct (or stronger) muscle energy, articulation and soft tissue techniques ie actively working the tissues; to indirect techniques of unwinding and cranial work (sometimes called craniosacral). These indirect techniques are Victoria’s favourite way to work – however her treatment style will reflect the nature of your body and what injuries or birth trauma has been sustained.

Victoria is skilled in the biodynamic field of cranial work and primarily works in this field with babies and children. She has a referral network in place and where indicated will work alongside midwives, lactation consultants, child health care nurses, dentists, doctors and other health care providers.